Swindon Auto Recovery, will recover broken down cars, 4 x 4’s and vans on the M4 Motorway, between  juction15 and junction 17. If your car has broken down and you need a prompt fast service, call us immedietly and we will endevour to reach as quick as we can. Our breakdown recovery drivers have a great deal of experience in recovering vehicles in dangerous situations and your safety is our No1 priority.

If you have broken down, you and your passengers, must leave your car by exiting the left hand side, whilst stationary on the Hard shoulder. Get as far up high(if possible) on the grass verge and then give us a call.

Please be carefull when exiting your broken down vehicle and leave your hazard lights on. If you have high visibility vests or clothing, put it on for your extra safety.

If you have broken down in one of the motorway way lanes around Swindon, and you can’t get to the hard shoulder, it is best to remain in your car and put your hazard warning lights on and phone Emergency Services.

Never try to rescue your dog, if you have one with you and it has ran onto the motorway. People have died doing this and the dog will nearly always get back by itself, after the dow owner has been injured or killed.

The Highway Agency has pratrol vehicles driving up and down the motorway and will often pull-up behind your vehicle and put their hazard lights on and advise you on what to do. They are there to assist you so do not be alarmed if you see one of their patrol vehicles approaching you.

We also rescue broken down  vehicles on major A roads, and B roads in Wiltshire. Here are some of the roads we recover broken down cars on:

M4, A4, A345, A417, A419, A420, A346, A3102, A4361, A4095, B4005, B4192, B4000, B4508, B4019, B4020, B4449

Drive Safely and hopefully you will never nedd our assistance, but if you do, we are here to serve.van recovery M4 Motorway



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