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There can be many reasons, why one of our customers are looking to find a car moving service. You may have car that cannot be driven or a car move may be required due to the fact you are relocating, and own more than one car or vehicle. Many of our service users wish to move cars they have purchased from car auctions or car auction websites, and they are unable to drive them away for legal reasons. We believe Swindon Auto Recovery are the best car moving option available in the county of Wiltshire. We are one of the cheapest car move specialists available, we are fully insured and will endeavour to match any price in the county.

Six Reasons to Hire a Car Moving Service in Swindon, Wilts

Moving a Car after a Recent Purchase

If you have recently, or you are about to purchase a car, van or 4 x 4 from an auction you may need our service to pick up and deliver the vehicle to your home,  place of work or maybe a local garage to have some work done on it. We can deliver your vehicle to any location within the U.K. Call now to get a quote.

Moving a Collectors Car or Vintage Sports Car

You may have just purchased, or perhaps you already own a collectable car, such as, an old classic sports car or vintage car. Sometimes such vehicles need moving and you may not wish to cause any unnecessary ware and tare due to the route you have to take, or it may be a long distance move. Fear not, our team have gained much experience in dealing with such vehicles and we will treat your prized possession as if it was our own.

A Car Move because of a Geographical Relocation

You may be planning on moving to another location within the U.K. Sometimes, in this situation, it may not be possible, to move your car yourself. If this is so, we can move your vehicle to any location you desire. Call us now for a quotation. We will manage the whole process for you, so you have one less problem to worry about.

Moving Cars over a Long Distance

Not all car moving companies based in Wiltshire are willing, or able, to safely move cars long distances throughout the U.K. This is not a problem for Swindon Auto Recovery. We will move your car from anywhere to any place you desire, and our prices are the most reasonable in the county.

Swindon car moving companies

Moving a Car for your Business

If you are a small car buying and selling business based Wiltshire you may need a vehicle moving service to pick up and drop off new models from time to time or on a regular basis. If this is you, we may be able to offer discounted prices for moving your vehicles if you plan to use us. Please reach out to us and see what we can do to help you cut down your car transportation costs.

Moving Immobile Cars

If you own a vehicle which is inoperable, for any reason, give us a call and we can come and collect it for you. We do pay to remove cars that are to be scrapped and we will sort out all the paperwork for you and you can receive some cash too.

Swindon Auto Recovery are a fully insured car moving firm and we will always treat your vehicle with respect and you can rely on us to give a fair priced, speedy and friendly service.

Some of the Locations we provide a Car Moving Service in

Abbey Meads, Ash Brake, Badbury, Bishopstone, Blagrove, Blunsdon St Andrew, Bridgemead, Broad, Blunsdon, Broadbush, Castle Eaton, Chiseldon, Coate, Covingham, Dorcan, Draycot Foliat, Eastleaze,, Elcombe, Eldene, Even Swindon, Fox Hill, Freshbrook, Gorse Hill, Greenmeadow, Groundwell, Hannington, Hannington Wick, Haydon Wick, Highworth, Hillmead, Hinton Parva, Hodson, Horpit, Hyde, Inglesham, Kingsdown, Kingshill, Lawn, Liddington, Liden, Lower, Blunsdon, Lower Stratton ,Lower Village,Lower Wanborough, Lydiard Tregoze, Mannington, Marlborough, Medbourne, Moredon, New Town, North Wroughton, Nythe, Okus, Old Town, Overtown, Park North, Penhill, Pinehurst, Ramleaze, Rivermead, Rodbourne, Roughmoor, Sevenhampton, South Marston, St Andrews Ridge, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, The Prinnels, Toothill, Upper Inglesham, Upper Stratton, Upper Wanborough, Walcot East, Walcot West, Wanborough, Westlea, Westmead, Wichelstowe, Wild Duck Mead, Windmill Hill, Wroughton

SN1 1, SN1 2, SN1 3, SN1 4, SN1 5, SN1 6, SN1 7, SN2 1, SN2 2, SN2 3, SN2 4, SN2 5, SN2 6, SN2 7, SN2 8, SN2 9, SN3 1, SN3 2, SN3 3, SN3 4, SN3 5, SN3 5, SN3 6, SN4 0, SN3 9, SN4 0, SN4 4, SN4 6, SN4 7, SN4 8, SN4 9, SN5 0, SN5 1, SN5 3, SN5 4, SN5 5, SN5 6, SN5 7, SN5 8, SN5 9, SN6 6, SN6 7, SN6 8, SN25 1, SN25 2, SN25 3, SN25 4, SN26 7

Some of the Major Roads we Move your car from:

We provide car breakdown and roadside assistance on any major road in and around Swindon, Wiltshire. Many of the roads are included in the list below, but if your road is not mentioned, don’t fret, as we will still rescue you in any part of Wiltshire.

M4, A4, A345, A417, A419, A420, A346, A3102, A4361, A4095, B4005, B4192, B4000, B4508, B4019, B4020, B4449

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