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Swindon Auto Recovery service, a vehicle breakdown service based in the town of Swindon in Wiltshire. We recover cars, vans, and motorbikes and prices start from as little as £35. We also provide a car transportation service in Swindon and the rest of the UK, please call us for a quote to find out how much we charge to transport your car, van or motorbike. If you have a car that you are not legally allowed to drive we can collect it for you and deliver your vehicle to any location in the UK. We can collect cars from car auctions or eBay auctions and transport them for you and we are fully insured too.

We are a pet-friendly company and have on occasion recovered cars in the Swindon area when the owner has had their dogs with them. We also offer a scrap car removal service in Swindon and surrounding areas and offer very competitive prices, call us for a quote today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats The Towing Capacity For 90 – 96 Chevy 2500, F250, And Gmc 2500? Whats The Best Truck To Have For Towing
Looking To Buy A Truck That Can Tow Other Cars And Maybe Small Trucks. Whats My Best Bet?

If your going to tow regularly, you will want to go to a 1 ton dually type truck, look at the professional towing companies, they rarely have anything smaller than a 1 ton dually, and there are reasons for that. Some of them are braking capacity, suspension, weight carrying ability. You better off to have a little too much truck than too little. Though a 3/4 ton can do the job, it can just barely do it, so it will be straining to do the work which will mean higher upkeep costs and more break downs for you.

Which Is A Better Deal?
I Need A Bigger Vehicle, So I’M Looking At Vans. I’Ve Made My Mind Up On That Aspect (Really Need That Third Row And Storage Space), But I’M Wondering Which Is Better, A Dodge Caravan Or A Pontiac Montana, Both 2006. By Better I Mean, Worthiness, Ammenities, Looks, Things Like This. Anyone With Any Experience With These Particular Models Have Any Advice, Pros, Cons, Things To Consider? I’Ve Driven Dodge Cars For Over 11 Yrs Due To The Fact That I’Ve Found Them The Best For Comfort And Ammenties For My Price Range, But We’Re Kind Of Liking That The Montana Looks More Suv-Ish. Anyway, Thanks!

Both are decent vehicles. However there are some areas in which the Chrysler product, in this case the Dodge Caravan may be the better choice. First off, the Caravan far and away is the more popular of the two. The advantage is there are more Caravans to choose from, new or used. Also there have been more on the road, longer, since 1984 in fact. It is easier to check the reliability factor, as well as being able to get parts down the road if you need it. The Dodge, and the Chrysler Town and Country, and the earlier Plymouth Voyager sold more mini vans then every other brand combined. The new Dodge has a higher crash test safety rating as well. There are more engine options on the Dodge as well , and they make more HP if you need to tow. Ultimately the choice is yours , but I would lean more to the Dodge. Good hunting.
I Need To Tow My Car From Miami To Cincinnati, Which Service Have I To Hire? What Is The Best Option For Me?
My Car Is A Ford Mustang 1997

Rent a vehicle towing dolly from U Haul, This allows you to tow the mustang with another car, perhaps a rental car.

The cost to tow a car from Miami to Ohio is going to be more than the 1997 mustang is worth. I would charge you two dollars a mile if I was still running my own towing company.

Call U Haul about a quote for either a car dolly, or a flat bed car trailer.

Rentals are all ways cheaper than paying someone else to do the work for you.

Jim b.

Which Do I Get Car Tow Dolly Or Do I Have The Towbar Put Onto The Car?
I Am A Transport Driver For Trucks And Need To Take My Car With Me. So I Can Travel From One Run To Another. Is The Car Tow Dolly Or Is It Better To Put The Tow Bar On The Car.

you are talking about being a ” driveaway driver ” i have done that for years. no one uses a dolly . only tow bars. plus , tow a car you can sleep in to save money. If you rent a motel eveynight you wont make money. here is a link to a drive away forum. if you read all the old posts you will learn some about it.

the site wont let me link it so you will have to google ” driveaway and transporters lounge ” and you will find it.

tell me who you are going to drive for ? Bennett ? spirit ? AA ? .. truck movers ?

I myself always drove for 3 companies at the same time to provide more trucks to move, Cant make any money driving for just one company , too much dead head miles.

What Is The Legal Age To Tow A Caravan?
How Old Do You Have To Be To Be Allowed To Tow A Caravan, Also What Extra Licence Category Is Needed To Tow A Caravan? (UK Answers Please, Also Simple Ones) Ta

Towing trailers or caravans with vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes In this article reference is made to the maximum authorised mass (MAM) of vehicles and trailers. This should be taken to mean the permissible maximum weight, also known as the gross vehicle weight.

Towing caravans
As for towing caravans, existing general guidance recommends that the laden weight of the caravan does not exceed 85% of the unladen weight of the car. In the majority of cases, caravans and small trailers towed by cars should be within the new category B threshold.

An exemption from the driver licensing trailer limit allows a category B licence holder to tow a broken down vehicle from a position where it would otherwise cause danger or obstruction to other road users.

By passing a category B test national categories F (tractor), K (pedestrian controlled vehicle) and P (moped) continue to be added automatically.

Category B+E: Vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes MAM towing trailers over 750kgs MAM
Category B+E allows vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes MAM to be combined with trailers in excess of 750kgs MAM. In order to gain this entitlement new category B licence holders have to pass a further practical test for category B+E. There is no category B+E theory test. For driver licensing purposes there are no vehicle/trailer weight ratio limits for category B+E.

The driving licence you need to tow a caravan or trailer The ability to tow a caravan or trailer will depend on the driving licence you hold. The category entitlement on your driving licence will determine the type of trailer you can tow.

Construction and use
This article relates to driver licensing matters only. For details on the construction and use requirements regarding weights and dimensions for trailers please contact:

Vehicle Standards Engineering 5, Department of Transport, Zone 2/01, Great Minster House, 76 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DR Telephone: 020 7944 2064.

Maximum authorised mass (MAM)
In this article reference is made to the maximum authorised mass (MAM) of vehicles and trailers. This should be taken to mean the permissible maximum weight, also known as the gross vehicle weight.

Car licences held before 1 January 1997
All drivers who passed a car test before 1 January 1997 retain their existing entitlement to tow trailers until their licence expires. This means they are generally entitled to drive a vehicle and trailer combination up to 8.25 tonnes MAM. They also have entitlement to drive a minibus with a trailer over 750kgs MAM.

Drivers who hold subcategory C1+E – limited to 8.25 tonnes MAM, may apply for provisional entitlement to the new subcategory C1+E, in order to take and pass the test which will increase their combined vehicle and trailer entitlement to 12 tonnes MAM. It is not necessary to gain subcategory C1 entitlement first but drivers have to meet higher medical standards, and pass both the category C theory test and the subcategory C1+E practical test.

Towing trailers or caravans with vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes
Towing trailers with medium sized vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes
Towing a trailer with a passenger carrying vehicle

Large goods vehicle and passenger carrying vehicle licences held before 1 January 1997
Since 1 January 1997 all drivers who hold category C or D entitlement have been limited to trailers up to 750kgs MAM; Category C+E or D+E must be held in order to tow trailers in excess of this.

Car driving licence first obtained since 1 January 1997
Drivers who passed a car test on or after 1 January 1997 are required to pass an additional driving test in order to gain entitlement to category B+E and all larger vehicles. In addition to the new driving tests, drivers of vehicles which fall within subcategories C1, C1+E, D1 and D1+E also have to meet higher medical standards.

Upgrading entitlement for trailers
In general, an additional driving test is required for each category or subcategory of entitlement. But there are certain exceptions to this where drivers have already passed one test which involves trailer entitlement for a larger or equivalent sized vehicle.

This means that passing a test for subcategory C1+E or D1+E upgrades category B entitlement to B+E. A test pass for subcategory C1+E upgrades subcategory D1, if held, to D1+E. But a test pass for subcategory D1+E does not upgrade subcategory C1 to C1+E because the trailer size required for a subcategory D1+E test is smaller than that required for a subcategory C1+E test.

Passing a test for category C+E upgrades category B entitlement to B+E and also confers entitlement to subcategory C1 and C1+E and, if category D or subcategory D1 is held, these are upgraded to category D+E or subcategory D1+E. A test passed for category D+E upgrades category B and subcategory D1 to category B+E and subcategory D1+E respectively. But it does not upgrade category C or subcategory C1 entitlements because the trailer size required for a cate


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