I’m always looking to improve my vehicle recovery service; I have found the best way to do this is by learning from other people’s mistakes. So, I was looking through Youtube for some car breakdown recovery fails when I discovered this little beauty.

Car recovery in Swindon

This recovery truck has managed to get itself stuck on a grass verge while trying to rescue a broken down vehicle. The rescue truck is then towed to safety by a much smaller Land Rover Discovery. This in itself must have been somewhat embarrassing to the towing company, but the real story, for me, is the rather dangerous activity going on whilst this is taking place.

Please watch the video and see if you can spot the mistake made the towing service driver.

What was the dangerous mistake?

Well, the driver of the recovery truck allows his customers to stand on the road with no high-visibility clothing! Swindon Auto Recovery would not allow this to happen. Your safety is our NO1 priority and we would never allow you to put your lives in danger by standing on the road. Plus we would never get stuck in the first place 🙂

Please always remember if your car does break down in Wiltshire or Swindon that we are on hand to recover your car, but please stay as far away from the road while you wait for our assistance. leave your hazard lights on if possible. It is always a good idea to have a couple of high-viz tops in your car just in case you need them. I would recommend owning a small emergency breakdown kit too.

We are a Swindon based car recovery company that prides ourselves on always keeping our Swindon customers safe, and we are fully insured as well.

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