Do You Recover Broken Down Vehicles if I have my Dog With me?

That was a question I was asked over the phone the other day. An old lady’s car had broken down in Liden, Swindon and had no way of getting herself or the dog home because she was visiting the town and knew nobody locally who could help her.

The Lady needed to get her car back to Bristol and didn’t have enough money in her purse to get her car transported back home. I was more than willing to collect her car and her pooch and get them back home and let her pay me when we got back to Bristol.

Car transportation service swindon

I have recovered many cars in Swindon when the owner has a dog with them. It’s no problem at all, as long as the dog is well behaved. There is a limit to how many dogs I can rescue within my tow truck, obviously, but I will always try to accommodate you the best I can.

I have been in the car recovery business in Swindon for many years now and I believe in safety first and this is no different when you have a pet with you. I will always make sure your dog’s safety is well thought out and planned well.

I wouldn’t want to come and rescue your vehicle in Wiltshire without a well thought out plan of action to implement.
Please remember if you need to exit your car, because you have broken down on the motorway near Swindon, and you must ensure your dog is on a lead. If your dog escapes from you and wanders onto the motorway don’t try to rescue it. A woman recently died trying to save her dog after he got onto the motorway, the dog survived by the way.

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Here are the areas we recover cars from even if you have a dog with you.

M4, A4, A345, A417, A419, A420, A346, A3102, A4361, A4095, B4005, B4192, B4000, B4508, B4019, B4020, B4449

Abbey Meads, Ash Brake, Badbury, Bishopstone, Blagrove, Blunsdon St Andrew, Bridgemead, Broad, Blunsdon, Broadbush, Castle Eaton, Chiseldon, Coate, Covingham, Dorcan, Draycot Foliat, Eastleaze,, Elcombe, Eldene, Even Swindon, Fox Hill, Freshbrook, Gorse Hill, Greenmeadow, Groundwell, Hannington, Hannington Wick, Haydon Wick, Highworth, Hillmead, Hinton Parva, Hodson, Horpit, Hyde, Inglesham, Kingsdown, Kingshill, Lawn, Liddington, Liden, Lower, Blunsdon, Lower Stratton ,Lower Village,Lower Wanborough, Lydiard Tregoze, Mannington, Marlborough, Medbourne, Moredon, New Town, North Wroughton, Nythe, Okus, Old Town, Overtown, Park North, Penhill, Pinehurst, Ramleaze, Rivermead, Rodbourne, Roughmoor, Sevenhampton, South Marston, St Andrews Ridge, Stratton St Margaret, Swindon, The Prinnels, Toothill, Upper Inglesham, Upper Stratton, Upper Wanborough, Walcot East, Walcot West, Wanborough, Westlea, Westmead, Wichelstowe, Wild Duck Mead, Windmill Hill, Wroughton

SN1 1, SN1 2, SN1 3, SN1 4, SN1 5, SN1 6, SN1 7, SN2 1, SN2 2, SN2 3, SN2 4, SN2 5, SN2 6, SN2 7, SN2 8, SN2 9, SN3 1, SN3 2, SN3 3, SN3 4, SN3 5, SN3 5, SN3 6, SN4 0, SN3 9, SN4 0, SN4 4, SN4 6, SN4 7, SN4 8, SN4 9, SN5 0, SN5 1, SN5 3, SN5 4, SN5 5, SN5 6, SN5 7, SN5 8, SN5 9, SN6 6, SN6 7, SN6 8, SN25 1, SN25 2, SN25 3, SN25 4, SN26 7

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