Swindon Auto recovery are a vehicle recovery company based in Highworth, Swindon. We provide many services from car transportation, roadside breakdown recovery services or even remove your scrap vehicle for you and pay for doing so. Swindon Auto Recovery have the capabilities to tackle all types of vehicle recovery tasks. So, if you need your car, van or motorbike moving, we are the car recovery service that can cater all.

Our phone staff our always courteous and well versed in local knowledge and waiting to receive your call now, no matter what tricky situation you find yourself in. If you need car transportation or vehicle recovery in Swindon, ensure you call us first, you will be shocked at how much cheaper we are compared to other car recovery companies in Wiltshire. Our roadside rescue team will be by your side quickly and will soon have you moved out of harm’s way. It will always be our aim to be the best car recovery service in Swindon, we believe this is made up by four factors. Safety, honesty, great customer service and value for money, these are the four areas we like to focus on.

The Four Pillars of our Vehicle Recovery Service

1 Honesty

2 Safety

3 Great Customer Service

4 Value for Money

Honesty is very important to our directors, our car recovery service will never change the price we quote you for recovering or transporting your vehicle, a practice carried out by some other car recovery companies in Wiltshire. Providing all the details you supply us, for example delivery location or the type of vehicle to be transported remain the same, so will the fee for carrying out the move.

Swindon auto Recovery have been in this business a very long time, and in this time have encountered all kinds of recovery issues. We feel this experience helps us deliver the best vehicle recovery service, car transportation service in Wiltshire. We will rescue your vehicle as safely and quickly as possible. We know how important any vehicle is to one of our clients and we will treat your property as if it were our own.

We will carry out a full inspection of your vehicle prior to taking collection, so both parties agree on any damage to your vehicles condition. We will also carry out an onsite questionnaire to make sure we are aware of any special circumstances which may be needed to be taken into consideration. This helps to ensure your car gets the best care possible.
Your vehicle may not be a car; if you have a small truck, van or motorcycle we can help you too. Just phone one of our recovery experts in the depot to find out how we can help you. A small van only costs £45 to move from one location to another, during office hours.

Here, at Swindon Auto Recovery; we believe using modern, clean and regularly inspected equipment is a vital part of our business. We inspect our vehicles every day prior you use, thus ensuring there are no nasty surprises when it comes to recovering or transporting vehicles. Healthy equipment leads to a safe, well performed service and safeguards our client’s prized possessions.
We also collect and remove scrap cars in Wiltshire, which we take to our local scrap dealer partners. We will, of course, pay you the correct rate for taking away your scrap vehicle and it will be taken to a council approved local scrap merchant.

We realise your car breaking down can be a very stressful experience. If you do need to phone our call centre to arrange for one of recovery team to come to your aid, we will make sure we take down all the relevant information we need to get to you as quickly and safely as possible. Our phone operatives will also be able to advise you on any things you may need to do to stay safe whilst you wait for us to arrive. We always treat our clients as if they are one of our own family member’s, we want them you with the respect you deserve. We are not here to add to your problem, we are here to serve you and be the solution to your problem.
Swindon Auto Recovery are here to serve you, if you need to have your car, van, motorbike transported to any location in the UK we are here to help. We are mot the biggest car recovery company in Wilts, but we believe we are the best value for money car recovery service the county has to offer. So, please call us now, so we make your day turn out just that little bit better, you will not be disappointed.

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